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About Collaborative Solutions

Collaborative Solutions is an interdisciplinary association of Collaborative professionals who serve clients throughout Indiana.  All members of Collaborative Solutions also belong to the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, which provides leadership, education, and standards for Collaborative Practice around the world.  Our membership includes attorneys, financial professionals, and family specialists, with advanced training in Collaborative practice, who are dedicated to upholding and providing our clients with the best practices that the Collaborative process has to offer.  We welcome the opportunity to work with professionals throughout the Collaborative community, to help families positively manage change and achieve their highest goals.



Your collaborative attorney will support, advise and when necessary advocate for your interests while using problem solving methods to meet common goals.

Family Specialists

A family specialist is a licensed mental health professional who can serve as a collaborative facilitator and/or a child specialist. A collaborative facilitator helps you and the team with communication and emotional sensitivity throughout the process. A child specialist will help you create a parenting plan based on each child’s needs and best interests.

Financial Professionals

Our neutral financial professional works with the couple, rather than just one client, to evaluate financial options and understand current and future impact of decisions reached in the process.

Family-focused problem solving.

Collaborative Solutions provides a client-centered, interest-based approach to resolving legal issues.